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Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development (BASD) is a non-governmental organization  in public benefit for the promotion of knowledge-based economy, sustainable development, civil society and social inclusion. Its’ headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

BASD is a part of a wide network of non-for-profit and research organizations, regional agencies, governmental and other institutions in all Balkan and European countries, and in Asia and Middle East.

The global partnership brings up-to-date and exact information about the EU, its development and grant programs; first-hand information from local authorities, or directly from the European Commission.

In Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Albania, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and the UK BASD cooperates with renowned partners, which guarantees excellent conditions of work and commitment to the results to be achieved.

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